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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BUSN 2095 - Business Practicum

Credits: 3

Provides students the opportunity to apply and integrate knowledge and skills gained in the Business Administration program through an individualized capstone experience, which includes an internship or project component and a classroom component. Internship involves employment or volunteer engagement in a company, public agency, or non-profit organization. Alternatively, students may complete the internship component of the Practicum through directed independent project(s) involving advanced analysis, research, and writing. Both the internship experience and the directed projects are designed to assess the students’ mastery of the program learning objectives, and to further develop their professional skills. Students planning to enroll in the Business Practicum should meet with the Program Coordinator or practicum instructor to learn of existing Internship opportunities, or to define the elements of a meaningful internship experience either at their current employer or a new internship position. Students are responsible for attaining their own internship. With permission of the Program Coordinator or Practicum instructor, the internship work hours may occur prior to the students registering for the Practicum. The classroom component involves several seminars or workshops, meetings in the classroom and/or online during the semester to discuss the students’ internship experience, as well as their academic, professional, and career development. In addition, student mastery of general education abilities and program learning outcomes will be assessed. The assessment of these outcomes may include completing a directed project and/or developing an ePortfolio.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Program Coordinator. Prior to taking this course students must have completed 12 business core or program option credits with a grade of C -or better AND have completed at least 40 credits towards their Associate degree.
Elective Code(s): BUS
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