Jun 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MUS 1009 - History and Appreciation of Jazz

Credits: 3

A historical study of jazz from its early roots to the players today. The course looks at the evolution of jazz and how it has been influenced by technology and society. Students will examine the artists and music in jazz today, and the role of jazz in the past. This course will look at various audio and video performances of jazz musicians and ensembles to analyze their effect on this genre of music. Students will attend live performances and discuss them in class, with the performing musicians when possible. Topics covered include the New Orleans era, the Big Band era, Swing, Bebop and Hard Bop, the Bossa Nova era, and jazz today.

Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 1010 
General Education Code: ARHX
Elective Code(s): ARTS, LART
Previous MUS* 137