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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Therapeutic Recreation Certificate (THER-CC)

Location(s): Gateway, Manchester, Middlesex

CT State Community College Catalog 2023-2024

  • New students enrolling for the first time in Fall 2023 will begin as students of Connecticut State Community College under this catalog. 
  • Continuing students from one of the 12 community colleges will be transitioned into a CT State program in this catalog as of the start of the Fall 2023 term.
  • The policies, courses and programs described are applicable as of the Fall 2023 term and may be updated as circumstances require.

The Therapeutic Recreation (TREC) Certificate program is designed to prepare individuals for employment in the workplace as a Therapeutic Recreation Director (TRD) in the State of Connecticut. Students in the certificate program meet the standards established in the Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut which emphasizes that quality patient care will be provided by graduates to individuals in chronic, long term care facilities such as assisted living facilities, convalescent nursing homes, other care facilities with nursing supervision, and community settings.

Learning Outcomes:

The Therapeutic Recreation Certificate is dedicated to educating and training students to become competent professionals in the field. Graduates will:

  • Meet the state health code requirements to hold the position of therapeutic recreation director (TRD) in the State of Connecticut.
  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and apply the necessary skills required of a therapeutic recreation director.
  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend the needs of individuals with special needs and the positive outcomes of therapeutic recreation intervention.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully assess, plan, implement, and evaluate therapeutic recreation programs for individuals with special needs both in a clinical and community setting.
  • Demonstrate leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary to work in a health care or community-based setting.