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2024-25 Curriculum Guide 
2024-25 Curriculum Guide

New for 2024-25

New Programs

Electronics Technician Certificate (ELTC-CC)  
Environmental Engineering Technology: Land Surveying and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Certificate (LSGS-CC)  
Plastic Injection Molding Certificate (PMTC-CC)  
Plastic Injection Molding, AS (PMTC-AS)  
Professional Writing Certificate (PWRT-CC)  

New Courses

ENG 1009 - Grammar for College and Professional Writing  - added 6/21/2024
MFG 1501 - Introduction to Injection Molding Technology  - added 6/21/2024
MFG 1502 - Injection Molding Design Lab  - added 6/21/2024
MFG 1503 - Injection Plastic Materials Lab  - added 6/21/2024
MFG 1504 - Injection Molding Machine Setters  - added 6/21/2024

MFG 0905 - Foundations of Manufacturing Math   - added 5/13/2024

ACCT 1234 - Certified Bookkeeper Review Course  
ARCH 1014 - Visual Representation  
CYS 2171 - Cybersecurity Operations  
ENV 2990 - Environmental Issues Seminar  
PHLB 1041 - Phlebotomy for MLTs  (formerly MLT 1041)
MUS 1000 - History and Appreciation of Western Music  
MUS 1303 - Intermediate Piano  
MUS 1802 - Intermediate Voice  

Discontinued Programs

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity, AS (CYSC-AS) 
Cybersecurity: Operations Certificate (CYSC-CC-OPS) 
Hotel Management, AS (HTLM-AS)
Meetings, Conventions, and Special Events Management Certificate (MCSE-CC)
New Media Production: Web Development and Design (NWDD-AAS-NMP)
New Media Production: Web Development and Design (NWDD-CC-NMP)
Restaurant Management, AS (RSMG-AS)

Discontinued Courses

DANC 1040/HPE 1040 Pilates Wellness
HPE 1020B Pilates: Mat Based
HPE 1039 Introduction to BioEnergetics
HPE 1055 Introduction to Whole Food and Nutrition
HPE 1060 Introduction to Yoga
HPE 2032 First Aid and Sports Injury
HPE 2051 Adapted Physical Education

Modified Programs

Outpatient Medical Coding and Auditing, AS (MCOD-AS)  - addition of a course option
Medical Assisting, AS (MDAS-AS)  - BOT courses added to electives, credit totals changed
Music Industry, AS (MUSI-AS)   - some course changes and updated credit totals

Several New Media Production AAS degrees have updated Program and Gen Ed courses:
New Media Production: Audio and Music, AAS (NAMP-AAS-NMP)  
New Media Production: Digital Marketing, AAS (NDGM-AAS-NMP)  
New Media Production: Film and Video, AAS (NFLV-AAS-NMP)  
New Media Production: Multimedia, AAS (NMMD-AAS-NMP)  
New Media Production: News and Sports, AAS (NNSP-AAS-NMP)  

Therapeutic Recreation, AS (THER-AS)  - Gen Ed science option added

Environmental Engineering Technology, AS (EVET-AS)  Gen Ed Math and Program Science options added updated 6/18/2024

Course options added to Communication Core and Program Options to Journalism and Media Production options updated 6/18/2024
Communication: Human Communication, AS (COMM-AS-HUM)  
Communication: Journalism, AS (COMM-AS-JRN)  
Communication: Media Production, AS (COMM-AS-MDP)  

Health Information Technology - Data Management, AS (HITD-AS)  - will become a Selective Admission program beginning with students admitted for Spring 2025, updated 4/9/2024

Respiratory Care, AS (RESP-AS-MA and RESP-AS-NN)  - courses moved from program to admission requirement, updated 3/27/2024

Paralegal, AS (PARL-AS)  - elective distribution updated, 3/26/2024

Clinical Coding Certificate (MCOD-CC-MX)  - courses added, updated 3/25/2024

Engineering Science, AS (ENSC-AS-COT)  - courses added to Specialization Electives
Music, AA (MUSX-AA)  formerly MUSC-AA-NV - curriculum update, added campuses, pending BOR approval
Nutrition and Dietetics, AS (NUDT-AS)  - Arts and Humanities Gen Ed course
Respiratory Care, AS (RESP-AS-MA and RESP-AS-NN)   - science requirement, pending BOR approval

Modified Courses

Prerequisites Updated

BIO 1005 - Introduction to Biology  
BIO 1098 - Topics of Interest in Biology  
BIO 1450 - Zoology  
BIO 1750 - Introduction to Marine Science  
BIO 1760 - Introduction to Marine Biology  
BIO 1810 - Basic Techniques in Biotechnology  
BIO 2103 - Pathophysiology  

BMKT 2195 - Field Experience I  

CAD 2204 - CAD 3D Architectural  

CJS 2095 - Practicum in Criminal Justice  

ECED 1002 - Foundations of Child Development  

ECON 1001 - Principles of Macroeconomics  
ECON 1002 - Principles of Microeconomics  

EETA 2052 - Digital Electronics  

EGR 1110 - Introduction to Engineering  

ENG 1010H - Composition Honors  
ENG 1020H - Composition II and Literature Honors  
ENG 1030H - Composition II and Non-fiction Texts Honors  

HIMT 2880 - Registered Health Information Technician Certification Exam Preparation  
HIMT 2892 - Health Information Professional Practice Experience  

HSER 2242 - Human Services Skills and Methods  
HSER 2351 - Working with Individuals and Families  
HSER 2420 - Group and Interpersonal Relations  
HSER 2690 - Behavioral Healthcare Fieldwork  

MFG 1405 - Manufacturing Math  

Math courses have been updated with placement prerequsites and aligned minimum grade requirements

MUS 1000 - History and Appreciation of Western Music  

NMP 2220 - Web Production II  
NMP 2295 - Experiential Learning and Practice in Media Production II 
PTA 1300 - Clinical Anatomy & Kinesiology  

Honors History courses added “Permission of Honors Program Coordinator” as a prerequisite

Prerequisite Removed
BENT 2170 - Small Business Management & Growth  

BMKT 2015 - Principles of eBusiness  
BMKT 2055 - Introduction to the Fashion Industry  
BMKT 2057 - Textiles  

CAD 2204 - CAD 3D Architectural  

MUS 1100 - Fundamentals of Music 

Title Changed

BMKT 2055 - Introduction to the Fashion Industry 

ENG 2520 - British Literature to 1798  
ENG 2540 - British Literature from 1798  
ENG 2620 - American Literature to 1865  
ENG 2640 - American Literature from 1865  

HNRS 1002 - The Honors Seminar: Leadership and Community  
HNRS 2001 - The Honors Seminar: Research Course  
HNRS 2002 - The Honors Seminar: Capstone  

HSER 2690 - Behavioral Healthcare Fieldwork  

Subject Code Changed

The DGA Digital Graphic Arts subject code has been discontinued and the courses formerly with that subject codes are now found in the GRA Graphic Arts subject area.
Affected courses are:

GRA 1101 - Introduction to Computer Graphics  
GRA 2098 - Special Topics: Graphic Design  
GRA 2101 - Advanced Computer Graphics  
GRA 2507 - Motion Graphics and Effects  
GRA 2508 - User Experience Design  
GRA 2301 - Digital Imaging II  

PHLB 1041 - Phlebotomy for MLTs  changed from HLT

Description Updated
NMED 2010 - Introduction to Computers and Nuclear Medicine Applications  

 Number and Title Change
SOC 1003 - Social Problems  (formerly known as SOC 2001 Contemporary Social Issues)


PLEASE NOTE: Changes based on curriculum proposals still pending review by CT State governance bodies or the Board of Regents will be added to this guide and noted on this page upon approval.


Communication: Journalism, AS (COMM-AS-JRN)  - ENG 2100 corrected to ENG 2101 - Creative Writing: Nonfiction